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Immersus® Mattress for Healing of pressure injury(bed sores), prevention of falls from bed, and ultimate comfort. Group II E0373

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The Immersus® Mattress is designed specifically for high acuity patients, elderly patients and end of life patients who either have or are at risk of pressure injuries and falls.

Designed by clinicians and engineers, it is an ergonomic offloading design, which redistributes static load away from the bony prominences, while immersing the body to create very low tissue interface pressures that allow adequate blood flow. Three distinct sections, as well as a patented “T” Zone, and firm stability and transfer edges help the Immersus® Mattress to provide protection from wounds and falls. The product is clinically validated via a multi-patient clinical outcome study, published in a peer reviewed scientific journal.

The study showed that patients were safer, more comfortable and did not fall or develop pressure injuries while using the Immersus® Mattress. It is available in multiple sizes and weight bearing capacities from 400 lb. up to 800 lb. to suit your needs.

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