What is “value-based” product purchasing, and why is it important to Hospices and LTC facilities?

What is “value-based” product purchasing, and why is it important to Hospices and LTC facilities?

In a nutshell, it is blending fiscal responsibility with patient advocacy. Value-based purchasing is not just looking for the lowest product cost, but about product performance criteria in terms of patient satisfaction, better outcomes and preventing complications. All products are not created equal, so gathering as much bona-fide performance data as possible will help you to make smart product choices.
For support surfaces and seating, that means making sure that the product you are procuring improves safety concerns regarding fall reduction and prevention , that it prevents pressure injuries and that it improves comfort and can support the healing of existing wounds. How can you be sure of that?  by asking for the true clinical evidence.
Ignoring these criteria and basing your procurement on lowest possible cost alone is false economy…because it can end up costing your facility more money in the future in terms of transportable falls and adjunctive wound healing therapies, and it will affect the quality rating of your organization.
For this reason, Clinicians need to be actively involved in making sound product decisions that will benefit their patients, and their business as a whole, based on gathering as much clinical evidence as possible, as proof and assurance that your chosen product will perform appropriately and economically.
This is the crux of value-based product purchasing, using evidence-based products for outcomes-based care.
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