California rolling power outages are placing Hospice and LTC patients at risk…

Hospice and LTC Patients at home and in care facilities are experiencing multiple and prolonged rolling power outages and brown outs this week, due to PG&E efforts to control the wildfires and repair the damage to electrical distribution infrastructure.

Patients are at risk and Hospice DME companies are being placed in an awkward and costly situation, responding to multiple patient location call-outs to replace powered LAL and APM systems.

By selecting the Immersus Mattress non-powered high acuity alternative to LAL and APM in the first place, you can stay one step ahead of blackouts, brownouts or evacuation needs, while providing a clinically evidenced support surface solution that supports fall prevention, and high acuity pressure injury prevention, 365 days a year…whatever the weather, or whatever the incident.

Power outages can strike in many weather and non-weather-related scenarios, like wildfires, severe snow and thunder storms, hurricanes and tornados. Aging sub stations and electrical grid infrastructure can fail at any time, or be disrupted by these kind of events, construction work or maintenance needs that require rolling brownouts and complete / prolonged power outages.



Don’t leave it to chance… Prepare now, and find out more about how the Immersus non powered support surface solution can help you to be fully prepared, and minimize your costs and inconvenience while also raising your standard of patient safety and care for the best possible outcomes.

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