Critical Prevention Interventions

As with the use of specialty positioning devices, wedges and pillows can assist with reducing the pressure on bony prominences. All patients who are sitting in any kind of chair for long periods of time should have some sort of basic pressure redistribution seat and back cushion.

We developed a basic prevention product that doubles as a consumer medical product. It is versatile enough to fit into many kinds of chairs.. ..whether it’s a standard or high-back wheelchair, a transport chair, a tilt chair or recliner, even a dining chair, office chair or in the car. We call it the Posture-Mate V…. for “Versatile”.

The seat and back are joined together in a clam shell design, for easy transportation. Take it on the plane….  use it for when you take your Mom out for the day. There are so many ways to benefit from the Posture-Mate V

Check out our product video for more information.


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