Now more than ever, it is essential to maintain the safety of your LTC residents.

Preventing 30-day readmissions, by preventing facility acquired pressure injuries and transportable falls is a must, when hospital readmission could place residents at even greater risk of contracting Coronavirus. DME dealers cannot enter your premises to install or repair LAL or APM rentals, so it makes sense to choose a non-powered solution, with clinical evidence that it will prevent and heal wounds equally as well or better than a powered product, while also supporting fall prevention. Whether your residents are in their bed or their chair, you need to protect them from wounds and falls, as much as you do from the coronavirus.

At immersus, we developed the Immersus Mattress and Posture-Mate seating specifically as a non-powered way to support pressure injury prevention, fall prevention and wound healing. A multi-patient clinical outcome study was performed on elderly care and hospice patients, and the results were amazing. No more falls, no kore preventable pressure injuries, no hospital readmissions and the majority of existing wounds healed. These exceptional results were published in the peer reviewed journal Ostomy Wound Management, and show that you can achieve excellent clinical results, without using powered products.

So implement a higher standard of care that’s appropriate for the challenging time we are dealing with, and are likely to have to continue dealing with in the near future. Choose the clinically validated non-powered Immersus and Posture-Mate products for your residents.

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