Using quality, evidence-based support surfaces for end-of-life care matters

It’s a rhetorical statement of course…because I don’t know a Hospice or Long Term Care Facility who would ever think of providing inferior products or an inferior standard of care for their end-of-life patients. Comfort only is not enough, creating a safe environment and avoiding falls and wounds as well is still vitally important. Evidence-based products will help support outcomes-based care.

The authorized Immersus Dealers that we work with ensure that they “do the right thing” because ethically, they realize that they are a member of the care team, including facilities, Hospice agencies and other care staff, and that patients and their family members are in crisis at the end-of-life phase. The patient does not have a choice of equipment…they trust that the Hospice agency and the DME dealer they use will be providing the best possible products, to help them achieve the best possible end-of-life experience.

Immersus DME and Hospice dealers provide our evidence-based non-powered support surface and seating solutions, because they have been designed specifically to address the special requirements of end-of-life and LTC patients for fall reduction, superior comfort, patient compliance and pressure Injury management / wound healing. Our published, multi patient clinical outcome study, can be viewed online in Wound Management & Prevention Journal.   Choosing the Immersus standard of care is what value-based purchasing and outcomes-based care is all about…especially at the end of life. Visit for more details, or call us to find your nearest authorized Immersus Dealer. 855-994-4325


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