Preventing wounds and falls in vulnerable individuals.


Preventing wounds and falls in vulnerable individuals.

We have learned that up to 95% of pressure injuries may be preventable. When the patient is sleeping, reduce the head of the bed to a 30-degree angle or less, to reduce friction and shear forces on the skin, and utilize an evidence-based support surface like the Immersus Mattress, which has low friction, low shear fabric and an ergonomic design that minimizes mechanical forces during transfer and repositioning.

Adjunctive padding of vulnerable areas such as the heel may not be needed, thanks to the design of the heel section. Such padding may also be a trip or slip hazard for patients if they try to get out of the bed by themselves.  Immersus helps them to get their sitting balance, so that they can then successfully get their standing balance. The clinical outcome study showed that we were able to prevent falls with this design, even with a study group that had “frequent fallers”.

See our product video for more information…. LINK. And read the full clinical outcome study HERE

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